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Microbiologics, Inc.

About this partner
Microbiologics is the foremost biological products and services provider, focused on protecting the health and safety of people around the world. For nearly 50 years, we have been partnering with healthcare and life science laboratories, manufacturers, and suppliers across the globe to co-create and provide biological control materials, assay services and consulting for microbiology, molecular diagnostics, and virology. Our portfolio features over 900 microorganism strains available in more than 20 unique, easy-to-use configurations including live cultures, inactivated microorganisms, genomic DNA/RNA extracts, synthetic nucleic acid-based materials, and customized solutions. Microbiologics has advanced industry standards for biological controls by adopting the most rigorous testing and quality standards. Our World Headquarters in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, focuses on providing quality bio-material products, custom environmental isolate controls, and proficiency panels.

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