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AbleNet, Inc.

About this partner
AbleNet is a global provider of medical-grade assistive technology that is ableSAFE and ableSTRONG. For over 35-years, AbleNet has continued to innovate new products and better products that are easier to use, adhere to new safety standards, and help individuals and those that support them achieve best outcomes. In the United States, AbleNet provides a streamlined funding service that minimizes the workload of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) by assisting them in obtaining a medical insurance funded QuickTalker Freestyle speech device for individuals with communication disorders. The service AbleNet provides removes barriers to success and gives the SLP more time to deliver best-in-class speech services. As an organization, AbleNet strives for equity and provides an environment where employees are engaged and always working towards making what we have today better tomorrow. As an ESOP organization, every AbleNet employee has an ownership stake and vested interest in the company
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