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About this partner
OpSens focuses on the measurement of hemodynamic indices in interventional cardiology, such as FFR, dPR, and valvular gradients, offering advanced optical-based pressure guidewires (OptoWire and SavvyWire) that aim at improving the clinical outcome of patients with coronary artery disease and aortic stenosis. OpSens is a key player in FFR and aims to become an innovator in the TAVR. These guidewires provide blood pressure measurements with immunity to the adverse effects of blood contact, which allows easy connectivity that leads to reliable measurements over extended periods. Both wires are designed to provide cardiologists with optimized performances, navigating a wide variety of cardiac anatomies with ease and safety. OpSens is also involved in sensor integration partnerships with medical and industrial OEMs. The Company develops and manufactures fiber optic sensing solutions for critical applications, such as cardiac assist, neurological ablation, and aerospace fuel monitoring.

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